The Arkansas School-Based Health Alliance is a non-profit organization which advocates for the provision of high-quality, easily accessible, coordinated health services to the children of Arkansas in a place they spend much of their time: their school.


“I do not have a car, I do not know how to drive. I live across the street from the school. Whenever my daughter is sick they call me and when I get there, they are ready to treat her. This is very important for me, there are lots of services and they speak English and Spanish.”

Ana Villafranca


“I appreciate being a part of a school district that places importance on student health, both mental and physical. A student is not going to adequately learn or focus if they are worried about if there will be food for supper, if mom and dad are fighting, or if they simply do not feel well and need evaluated by a physician or nurse practitioner. I am very proud of Prairie Grove School District for making School Based Health a priority for our students.”

Danielle Randolph

School Nurse/Parent

“Best thing to ever happen to a school!! Keeps kids in school more, lets parents stay at work, catches illness before its gotten very bad or spread! Wonderful Staff!!”

Edie Dana Blake