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A non-verbal student came to the Magazine Wellness Center for an eye exam and they quickly realized she had a huge deficit. This child had spent the first 14 years of her life without her visual needs being addressed. Her eye deficiency caused problems with walking, going up steps, depth perception, and the list goes on. During the exam this non-verbal child smiled and said, “Chicken!” It was exciting to see her finally able to recognize the pictures that were being used in the exam. At first it was a challenge for her to keep the glasses in place so the team purchased the band to help keep them on. Within a few weeks the student realized what a difference they were making and now she keeps her glasses on independently. She made it through the summer and came back to school wearing her glasses!

School Based Health Centers are definitely influencing students’ lives and taking services to where the students are.


The Jasper School District is a remote district with 3 campuses. The Oark campus is 90 minutes from Jasper and is the most isolated campus of the three. Jasper’s SBHC conducted penlight screenings on the Oark Campus last fall and followed up by bringing a bus load of students to the SBHC who needed cleanings, x-rays and dental care. SBHCs are reaching out and bringing services to our most isolated youth. Jasper’s dental program has seen a number of students who had never received dental care until they received it at the SBHC. Dental hygiene education has been performed on each campus for all elementary students, and every student received a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Kids are thrilled to get their dental goodie bag and they are engaged in their healthcare through this wonderful service.