National Policy Learning Collaborative

The School-Based Health Alliance of Arkansas was selected to participate in a policy learning collaborative with the national School-Based Health Alliance andĀ 2 otherĀ state affiliates. The purpose of this collaborative is to learn and share best practices, and to develop and implement policies that further support the integration of SBHCs within the larger health care delivery and payment system.


Our Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Create a public voice for school-based health in the midst of health system change and growth of the SBHC movement in Arkansas.
  • Adopt a policy statement outlining the purpose and practice of school-based health care in Arkansas for stakeholders statewide to unify and standardize a high-quality SBHC model.
  • Develop a standard evaluation plan requirement for SBHCs to improve data collection, measure success, promote reliable sustainability models and position the SBHAA to adopt evaluation standards.
  • Develop sustainable business models for SBHCs in Arkansas, taking into consideration the variety of provider partnerships represented in our state, in order to stabilize SBHCs rolling off grant funding and further leverage existing grant funding to its greatest potential.

Arkansas Participants

Nicole Fairchild

Past President
School-Based Health Alliance of Arkansas

Tamara Baker

School-Based Health Center Advisor
Arkansas Department of Health

Elizabeth Kindall

School-Based Mental Health Advisor
Arkansas Department of Education

Tracy Starks

Student Health Resource Officer
Medicaid in the Schools
Arkansas Department of Education

Anna Strong

Executive Director of Child Advocacy
and Public Health
Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Sharon Donovan

Business Operations Manager
Health Care Innovation
Arkansas Department of Human Services